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MST - planetary

Designed specifically for the production of wet concrete mix products, dry concrete mix products, heavy and light concrete;
a wide range of models from 0.33 to 3 m3 of finished products;
high mixing performance and efficiency;
equipped with a hydraulic clutch to ensure a smooth start of work;
powerful and reliable gearboxes;

MDE - twin shaft

MDE dsigned specifically to provide high-performance concrete products for different classes;
excellent results in the course of work with ready-mixed concrete and products from wet concrete mixes;
a wide range of models in volume from 1 to 6 m3 of finished products (concrete mixers with a volume of more than 6 m3 are available on request);

MEV - pan turbo

MEV designed specifically to provide ready-mixed concrete products;
it is also suitable for the production of products made of wet concrete mixtures;
a wide range of models from 0.5 to 4 m3 of finished products;
the mixing system has been modified for decades;
powerful gearboxes with maximum power;

MDT - overflow

Flexibility, reliability and efficiency with a wide range of models with a volume from 3.7 to 14 m3 (the ability to change the volume at will);
designed specifically for enterprises related to mining in mines, whose purpose is to mix mining material with cement, crushed material and other raw materials;

MEH - for dry mixes

MEH designed specifically for dry mixtures production;
ideal for mixing dry, loose, granular and sticky materials;
a wide range of models with production capacity from 200 to 6000 liters of finished products;
powerful gearboxes for maximum power with the possibility of installing a speed controller;

MEF - spherical

Portuguese product with given proofs in big jobs!
A mixer specially designed for the production of concrete with large size aggregates (200 to 220mm up to 20%);
Combines compulsory and gravitic components to achieve a high mixing quality;

MDC - continuous

Wide range of models from 150 to 900 Tons/hour output!
Specifically designed for CONTINUOUS MIXING, like RCC, stabilization, etc.;
Powerful gearboxes for maximum power, with the possibility of assembling a speed regulator;
Uniform and fast mixing due to the large number of paddles and the high speed of the shaft;
Very low wear;
Extreme low maintenance;