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Stationary equipment greater productivity for the production of concrete and mixtures for manufacturing concrete products.
According to the technical solution, these concrete plants are the most advanced plants for the production of concrete. 
At the tower type concrete batching plant, an inert material storage bin is installed above the mixer and scales.

The bunker consists of 4 to 8 cameras depending on customer requirements. Loading of material into the hopper is carried out by means of an Elevator, a Z-Elevator or an external belt conveyor and distribution of material into separate chambers by means of a rotating switchgear installed above the hopper of inert materials.
Equipment capacity: 80 m3/h - 240 m3 / h.

high productivity-the filler is fed from the hopper directly into the scales and there is no time loss associated with weighing the material on the conveyor belt or in a skip trolley and feeding it with a tape or skip into the mixer
the total volume of the filler hopper-allows you to store the entire filler in the hopper, in the indoor and insulated space, and not on the external dump
simplification of the heating process-the plant together with the hopper forms one set, and thus facilitates the heating process of the filler. At the same time, the warm air from the plant rises up into the hopper.
space-minimization of built-up space, no need external dump
Part of the delivery of the plant is also the plating. In most cases, the hopper for storage of inert materials is equipped with a trapezoidal sheet cladding and insulation of mineral wool, mixing center (part of the concrete plant under the hopper inert) plating of three-layer panels.