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01 июля 2019

Fibo Intercon B1200 15 m3/hour

Mobile concrete batching machine Fibo Intercon B1200 2017 year of manufacture Capacity 15-16 m3/h of ready mixed concrete Automatic unloading of concrete control system - Siemens up to 25 recipes of concrete 1 cement silo for Bigbag 3 m3  1 hour for start on a new work site

30 июня 2019

Fibo Intercon T2200

Mobile concrete batching machine Fibo Intercon T2200 2007 year of manufacturing Capacity - 35 m3/hour  

01 октября 2018


ARCEN MDE 3000 two-shaft mixer, 2m3 output  Skip lift (flip skip)  Aggregates hopper 5 x 20m3 = 100m3  3 vibrators for inert  4 pumps for chemical.additive  Digital sensor control the moisture content of sand  Humidity sensor in the mixer  Designed for 3...

08 августа 2018


ARCEN ARCMOV thanks to its performance 60-120 m3/h, can satisfy the need in the concrete adjacent to all construction site areas. ARCMOV at the client's request can be supplied in various configurations. The hopper for inert materials can consist of 4 or 5 sections. On these models, two types...